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A Vision On June 29th 2013 The Tension of Light

duckieWired for Sound

In my years as a believer I have no recollection of not waking up with a song in my mind. This morning was no different. As the lyrics from The Anthem were flying through my mind…

He’s calling wake up child it’s your turn to shine
You were born for such a time as this
He’s calling wake up child it’s your turn to shine
You were born for such a time as this
Such a time as this

Of course I had just been shaken out of my reverie by my youngest grandson. He immediately went back to go to sleep, but me, it was 5AM. And I knew the return of sleep was not on my radar screen.

So, I dutifully got up, made coffee and started the laundry so it would be done when my wife awakens.

I wrote a few hours ago a few things that were on my heart about missed opportunity and went in to take a shower. I often have devotions of a sort in the shower. Sing a few songs, declare, decree, pray. Me and the water and God. (The voice of many waters!) So, embarrassing as it is I found “rubber ducky, you’re the one” coming out of my mouth. I chuckled and found a more spiritual song. I returned to The Anthem for a moment. The next thing I knew I was in a vision.

I saw a large hand reaching into rooms and buildings shutting the lights off. Rooms went from frivolity and fun to darkness. Surprise overtook. I heard whimpering, quiet whispers, loud voices demanding an answer and the shuffling of feet and the moving of people. Stores, schools and yes, even churches. Communities and cities and towns were dimmed. In the midst of the areas, other lights grew brighter.

Frankly it reminded me of being in the bar business. The clock set 10 minutes ahead to insure all would be out. “Last call for alcohol” roughly a half hour before. And then darkness. People shuffling towards the door. All but an advertising light or two illuminating the exit. To return to their homes.

In an old paradigm I would have thought the worst. But I saw it was the hand of the Lord. The Lord is shutting out churches? What? The brightness that grew in various buildings was also church buildings.

I continued to watch. The hand moved slowly. And then I realized that there were people from time to time in His grasp. Picked up and moved. They were looks of surprise, some of dismay, some of anger. I heard voices bemoaning the move, the change. “What about me” was a popular refrain. “But I thought..” another.

I was reminded of Paul carrying out the will of God, reconciling people to Christ, implementing the “Great Commission.” As he readies for Asia, he hears no. Forbidden by The Holy Spirit. The Macedonia call is there. Paul immediately moves. The result all of Asia opens up! He later shares greetings from the 7 churches of Asia. I then thought if you want reach billions you must have a “product” that can reach billions. And a plan!

The vision ended. But even as it closed I “heard” this.

“In the coming days I am going to extinguish the unproductivity (Not the people) in people’s lives and in their sphere. I have plans for people that they have not seen, not understood. There are places that will close and places that will prosper. There are dreams that will be realized and efforts that will be futile. There is a move in this nation, even the world that as I raise up sons who shall move unfettered, bringing forth the goodness I have instilled in them. A change of people and resource.Many are the people of God who have misunderstood, but soon all will see. Be not fearful at the changes, the moves, the light. For in this season, there will be shifts and turns but my plan is unfolding. In this hour many will cry for they lack not understanding, but it is in this hour I will call forth sons who will carry out my purpose. There are those that will prosper in this day and many will be surprised. Be not worried for those that have not heard for soon they will see. They have not listened, even shrugged off my words, but in this day and in this hour I will make them hear.”

(Even as I write this the Lord said to me, “you understood not my hand for your move in the previous days, but shortly you shall see.” Uhhh…OK….)

I felt as though some were being removed not because they had wronged but because the Lord needed them. I felt the word “community” once again impressed upon my heart. I felt the Lord was removing some because of others dependence on them and not on Him. (Wow!) I felt there would be churches that would grow because of the desire to father, to release and to see sons come forth, not of the house, but of the Lord. I felt that the desire to uplift and provoke to goodness, love and grace were a mandate.

All I can say is, I am too excited!

Ducks have always invaded my life on some level. I am sure there is a reason. One of the biggest kinds of trouble I got in as a small child was lassoing all of the neighbor’s ducks, yanking them up into my tree house, boxing them up and putting them in my dad’s garage…And the rubber duck my wife was given by a friends(Learn to float on the waves) and the subsequent rubber duck Christmas ornaments. And Jacob and I read this book for years together. Make Way For Ducklings . I am sure there is a greater revelation on ducks…maybe one day..

The Anthem

I can hear the footsteps of my King
I can hear His heartbeat beckoning
In my darkness He has set me free
And now I hear the Spirit calling me

He’s calling wake up child it’s your turn to shine
You were born for such a time as this
He’s calling wake up child it’s your turn to shine
You were born for such a time as this
Such a time as this

And I can hear a holy rumbling
I’ve begun to preach another King
Loosing chains and breaking down the walls
I want to hear the Father when He calls

He’s calling wake up child it’s your turn to shine
You were born for such a time as this!
Such a time as this

This is the anthem of our generation
Here we are God, shake our nation!
All we need is your love,
You captivate me!

I am royalty, I have destiny,
I have been set free, I’m gonna shape history!

I’m gonna change the world! (x7)

Updated: The Anthem Guitar Chords

Em C G D – repeat for the whole song. Enjoy!

Lyrics are copyright Jake Hamilton


In His Image Gives Us His Voice

The candle of the Lord

The candle of the Lord

In Genesis 1:26, “Let us make humankind in our image…” God has made us to carry His glory and

(From my book, The Drones Of Heaven.)

His message and His voice.

His desire is that we would be like Him. That includes declarations and decrees. “He is our father in the presence of God whom he believed – the God who makes the dead alive and summons the things that do not yet exist as though they already do.” Romans 4:17

Here are a few passages indicating his desire to see heaven here on earth.

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own, so that you may proclaim the virtues of the one who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9, NET



You may not like my choice in music, but I am sure “praise” needs to be a part of our diet. This song just rocks me. It shifts to preaching, but the music is through a lot of it.

A thought for today

The candle of the Lord

The candle of the Lord

“Last night I got on the treadmill and started running, I started declaring that I have the lung capacity of a marathon runner (after smoking 3 packs a day for 24 years my lung capacity was crap) I started declaring that my body functions as God planned . I started declaring calves would not cramp .( for the last 3 years my calves are almost always hard as a rock and cramp very easily.)

So last night for the first time in 17 years I ran 2 miles . When I got off the treadmill I was sweating but hardly winded. AMAZING .I realize that 2 miles may not seem like much but for me with all my “issues” that was like running a marathon. God is amazing , his word is true, and he is always faithful. Thanks for listenin.”

Change your thinking-change your words-change your culture.

Where does faith enter in?

“Everything I say, comes to pass.” Did you ever hear anyone say that? Interestingly, Samuel could say that. “The LORD was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground.” Is  Samuel the standard? Or is Jesus? And if it is the latter than we have Him inside so we are safe.

I can’t say that. Only this week, I watched something happen. Were my words amiss? Did I lack faith? Does it matter? I do not feel that God loves me less because what I spoke did not happen the way I perceived it to be.

I read this tonight as I watched a friend struggle with patience.

Grace and peace be yours abundantly, as you gain fuller knowledge of God, and of Christ Jesus our Lord. 3 See how all the gifts that make for life and holiness in us belong to his divine power; come to us through fuller knowledge of him, whose own glory and sovereignty have drawn us to himself![2] 4 Through him[3] God has bestowed on us high and treasured promises; you are to share the divine nature, with the world’s corruption, the world’s passions, left behind. 5 And you too have to contribute every effort on your own part, crowning your faith with virtue, and virtue with enlightenment, 6 and enlightenment with continence, and continence with endurance(Spelled PATIENCE!), and endurance with holiness, 7 and holiness with brotherly love, and brotherly love with charity. 8 Such gifts, when they are yours in full measure, will make you quick and successful pupils, reaching ever closer knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ; 9 he who lacks them is no better than a blind man feeling his way about; his old sins have been purged away, and he has forgotten it. 10 Bestir yourselves then, brethren, ever more eagerly, to ratify God’s calling and choice of you by a life well lived; if you do this, you will make no false step, 11 and it will be no grudging entrance that is afforded to you into the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I know He loves me and I am most satisfied that it is He who sustains me.

Blessing others

Yesterday while headed to work my wife was hit from behind. She went to the emergency room and was sent  home for a few days. The lady never stopped, pushing my wife’s stopped car through the stop sign.

What an opportunity to bless someone. Are your words blessing or cursing?


My son and his wife will soon have their first child. Em has noticed things “tightening and loosening” as the baby makes way for entry into the world.

At some point there will be breakthrough. But between here and there tension increases and the “pressure is ON!”

A number of us have been experiencing the place of pressure. It is not a fault that causes pressure in a natural birth nor is there blame in the breakthrough of the spiritual. The breakthrough is the result of the expression of Christ being revealed and coming into tension with old way and mindsets.

We are fast approaching breakthrough. You are not the only one! Life, light, entry!


Too often we seek a conformation to satisfy us. Too often we want “that” to do “this” when the number one place of confirmation is Him.

If you research the words “confirm, confirming, confirmation and where they might be found in the Bible you will find they are used considerably be differently with different context than we use them.

I thought perhaps , I would break it all out, but I think it is important for people to seek out answers themselves and not rely on others to change their pet doctrines, or endorse (confirm) them!

The word confirmation means this in the New Testament, “to make firm, establish, confirm, make sure”.

God confirms His word with signs and wonders!

Too much has been confirmed by man, taking the onus off the one seeking confirmation, where if they went to God, He might just say no! The responsibility for your life is on you!

When we follow him He will confirm, He will do.